Agility Hire

The Future of Employer Branding

Let us help you define your employer brand. We specialize in developing strategies and tactics that attract top talent.

Our Marketing Strategies 

Employer Brand Strategy

Creating a compelling employer brand story

Social Media

Running social media campaigns for reach and engagement 

Talent Analytics

Exploring entire funnel and optimization to drive conversion goals


Putting job pages and career sites in front of the right audience


Creating content that resonates with target audiences

Phenom CRM Training

Certified in Phenom People as a Power User

Career Sites

 Design, maintain, rebrand and refresh career sites

Email Marketing

Effective campaigns that grow and nurture talent pools

Creating A Unique Experience

What attracts people to come to work for an organization isn’t the career site, instead, it’s the unique employee experience they hear about.

Capturing Employee Stories

Jobseekers identify with people that have their backgrounds and work experience. Creating employee stories gives them an opportunity to learn about the culture.

Your Employer Brand Strategy

Businesses that want to attract talent need an employer brand strategy. This is where Agility Hire can help. We create career site pages, social media campaigns, and other recruitment marketing tactics that attract the right talent for the right opportunity. We generate leads making it easier to identify candidates in a shorter amount of time and without losing them in the process. Jumpstart your career site and employer branding with Agility Hire today.

Why Employer Branding

Real-time Tracking and Reporting

At Agility Hire, we measure everything and this includes career site performance. We use Google Analytics (GA4) to understand user-behaviour and what campaigns are getting the most engagement. We also provide custom dashboards and reporting using Data Studio and Power BI.

Generative AI Job Searches

As job seekers embrace AI for job searching companies need to embed AI platforms to improve candidate experience