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Focus On Employer Branding

When it comes to employer branding, we focus on the organization’s reputation and image as an employer. It involves creating and communicating a distinctive employer brand that appeals to candidates and sets your organization apart from its competitors. Why this is important? Employer branding encompasses the organization’s mission, values, culture, work environment, employee benefits, and overall employee experience. Our goal is to shape a positive perception of your company as an employer of choice and attract top talent.

Focus On Recruitment Marketing

When is comes to Recruitment marketing, we focus on strategies and tactics to attract and engage potential candidates. We promote our client’s open positions, highlighting its unique selling points, and leveraging various marketing channels to reach and attract top talent. We offer recruitment marketing services that include job advertisements, social media campaigns, event marketing, and career site landing pages.

Recruitment Marketing can be overwhelming. We are here to help.

Career Site Design & Strategy

We specialize in Phenom People and other CMS-based career sites. Most career sites or job pages lack personalization and a positive candidate experience. At Agility Hire, we design pages that target the right audience. We go beyond just reach and impressions to deliver leads and applicants.

Job Advertising

We help organizations effectively advertise and distribute their job openings across various online and offline channels. Our expertise in job boards, social media platforms, career websites, and other channels ensures maximum visibility for job postings. Indeed and LinkedIn can be extremely costly. We use a PPC strategy to reduce advertising costs!

Employer Branding Content

We develop and promote a strong employer brand through creative videos, storytelling, and other creative content. We’ll work with you to define your unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP), create compelling employer branding messages, and establish a positive reputation in the job market.

Analytics and Reporting

We provide data-driven insights and analytics to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns and strategies. We track key metrics such as candidate engagement, apply clicks, and source of hires. These analytics help you refine your recruitment marketing efforts and make informed decisions.

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