When I was part of a team called the Talent Innovation Lab at this massive IT consulting company, it took an army to change the recruitment process. Our goal was to fix up the recruiting process because it had an impact on how candidates saw us as an employer. However, our TA Ops crew wasn’t exactly thrilled about the changes. Like, not at all. They were Taleo diehards and resisted any change that impacted the ATS. So, we brought together the bigwigs – TA leaders, HR honchos, and hiring managers – to have a heart-to-heart about how our recruiting process was affecting our image, values, and all-important employer brand.


From Taleo to Phenom People


For those who remember Taleo Enterprise, it was sunsetted because browsers no longer supported Flash. It was (is) a dinosaur, clunky as heck, and not to mention a nightmare for candidates. Completing an application felt like a marathon, and let’s be real, nobody’s got time for that. So, we teamed up with Phenom and migrated to their platform. The result? Applying became smoother than a jazz riff, taking less than two minutes! No more frustration, no more lost candidates.


Job Descriptions: From Yawns to Yay!


Who in their right mind loves writing job descriptions? Beats me. But here’s the kicker – that’s often a job seeker’s first taste of your company. So, we rolled up our sleeves and gave our job descriptions a glow-up using templates, SEM Rush, and Text.io, along with training. You won’t believe the mojo it brought. Job page views shot up, and bounce rates? They plummeted faster than a lead balloon.


Keeping It Real: Showcasing Our Values


Candidates dig getting the lowdown on company culture. But a chatbot won’t cut it. The real scoop comes from recruiters during an interview. So, we got our recruiters in sync with our employer brand goals, our EVP, cultural values, and unique benefits. With some rad training, we had our message on lock, reinforcing our values like champs. The result? Our employer brand got a boost, and places like Glassdoor were loving us even more.


Reviews That Rock


Ever bought something online after seeing one lousy review? Yeah, me neither. The same goes for job candidates checking out a company’s rep on Glassdoor or Indeed. Those firsthand stories? They matter big time. We had to make sure candidates left us singing our praises. We hatched plans to turn them into our biggest fans, the kind that beefs up our Glassdoor ratings and spreads good vibes like confetti.


Building Up Your Brand


Believe it or not, your recruiting process lays the foundation for your employer brand. It’s the glue that holds together first impressions, top-notch applicants, and even referrals from your employees. When you focus on the candidate journey, the link between what you stand for and what candidates feel becomes unbreakable. In the end, you can achieve a legit, irresistible employer brand that’s as real as it gets. Every interaction matters, especially the recruiting process because it’s like a butterfly flap that sets off a chain reaction, shaping your rep for the long haul.