Have you taken a look at career sites lately? You’ll notice a recurring pattern – stock photos, generic video testimonials, and vague descriptions. But here’s the catch: job seekers want more than that. They yearn for a genuine glimpse into your company culture without having to scour Glassdoor reviews. It’s time to break free from the cookie-cutter templates and bring your company’s essence to the forefront. In this article, we’ll explore how effective employer branding can not only attract the right talent but also establish a powerful employer brand identity.

  1. Define Your Mission and Values, Loud and Clear

Start with the foundation. A well-crafted mission and values statement isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a beacon that guides your ship. Place it prominently on the main career site page, ensuring its visibility. Don’t stop there – integrate it into job postings and internal communications. Make sure it resonates and stands out.

  1. Authentic Employee Stories and Testimonials

Stock photos of pristine models won’t cut it. Real stories from your people will. Yes, unearthing these gems takes time, but when you hit the mark, they’re pure gold. Employee stories and testimonials offer an insider’s view of your company culture. Blogs, videos, and social media posts are your canvases. Use them to paint a vivid picture.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Beyond the Buzzwords

Don’t let diversity and inclusion blur into a homogenous sea of corporate statements. Be different. Share stories that illustrate how diversity has enriched both your company and your employees. Showcase the real impact – that’s what resonates.

  1. Office Space: Where Culture Takes Shape

Remote work might be trending, but the office isn’t obsolete. If your culture thrives on collaboration, creativity, or work-life balance, let your office space embody it. Share snapshots on your social media and website. It’s more than just walls – it’s a reflection of your company’s soul.

  1. Video: The Power of Brief

Video content is king, but brevity is queen. Craft videos that whisk viewers through a virtual office tour or dive into employees’ stories. Keep them under a minute – attention spans are fleeting. A well-crafted video speaks volumes.

  1. Recognition and Rewards: Celebrating Culture Champions

Employee of the month? That’s a start, but think bigger. Create a Recognition and Rewards program that spotlights employees embodying your culture. This reinforces your values and inspires others to follow suit.

  1. Consistency, The Thread of Trust

In this quest, consistency is your ally. Whether through blogs, videos, or other methods, ensure your efforts are unwavering and genuine. Authenticity breeds trust – an invaluable currency in the talent market.

In conclusion, your career site shouldn’t be a clone of the competition. It should be a window into your world – your unique company culture. Ditch the stock and the snooze, and opt for the real and the riveting. Your future employees want a taste of what’s real. So, let them savor the essence of your organization through authentic stories, meaningful visuals, and a resounding commitment to your values. In the end, your efforts will resonate, and resonate deeply. And that resonance will be the magnet pulling in the right talent while cementing your brand identity in the minds of job seekers everywhere.


Platforms and Companies to Consider: Phenom People to host company career site and Stories for video content.