When it comes to employer branding, Healthcare Facebook pages are about as boring as C-Span in the morning. Marketing typically allows an extra Facebook page for employer branding just as long as they stay within branding guidelines. But, here’s the issue. Facebook penalizes you for content that is…um inspiring with low likes, shares, and zero comments. And let’s face it, healthcare professionals are avid Facebook and Instagram users, so it’s vital they see your updates. That’s why we’ve got some Facebook recruitment marketing tips to bring some life to your page, increase engagement, and convert potential candidates.

Prompt and Personalized Responses

The worst thing you can do if you’re a healthcare organization is turn on automated responses. It screams disinterest and drains the life out of the candidate’s experience. Our top advice? Respond promptly and personalize your messages. Address candidates by name, and show them you care about their interest in a role or an event. Tailor your responses to their inquiries or comments, showcasing

Share Additional Information in the Comments

Facebook’s algorithms love engagement, and they play it like a game. That’s why we suggest using the comment section to share more about the job opportunity – benefits, work culture, and anything else potential candidates might want to know. Don’t forget to throw in some links to relevant pages on your website, engaging videos of your workplace, or testimonials from your awesome team.

Leverage Messenger for Private Conversations 

Imagine a potential candidate expressing strong interest or having specific inquiries. Inviting them to start a private chat via Facebook Messenger is a game-changer. It allows for a personal and in-depth conversation, addressing their questions, and concerns, and guiding them through the application process.

Highlight Employee Stories

It’s easy to turn a Facebook page into a job posting bulletin board, but that won’t get you far. And ditch the stock photos of smiling hospital staff. The right approach? Feature inspiring employee success stories, and testimonials, or even give a sneak peek into a “day in the life” at your organization. This humanizes your brand and provides valuable insights into the incredible experiences of working within your company.

Monitor and Analyze Engagement

Everyone knows Facebook tends to exaggerate impressions. But, the real gold? Focus on the engagements – likes and shares. Keep an eye on the engagement of your posts and delve into the comments to spot recurring questions or concerns. These insights will help fine-tune your recruitment marketing strategies, showing what content truly shines. 

Getting to the Finish Line

Engaging potential job seekers on Facebook is all about being personal, informative, and responsive. Nurture genuine conversations, share meaningful insights, and make the most of the platform’s features. If someone is interested in an opportunity, show them. An issue with an application, guide them. And, when a candidate doesn’t hear back after an interview, chat with them. You can significantly enhance your recruitment marketing efforts with a great  Facebook page, and attract top talent by showcasing your unique culture and providing transparent information. It’s easy to start a Facebook page, it takes time to build a great page that your audience will want to follow. Hopefully, these tips will help your recruitment marketing and if you would like to learn more, please signup for my newsletter or follow me on LinkedIn.